Pipeline Reclamation Workshop

There will be a Pipeline Reclamation Workshop on March 5th from 8 am-4:30 pm in Sidney.

Please click on this link to view the brochure: March 5 Pipeline Reclamation Workshop

This just in! Wildlife Bundles

For those of you who are looking for trees that will benefit wildlife, we have just received a catalog from one of the nurseries that has Wildlife Bundles available. They are based on 3 row plantings of 300 lineal feet. If anyone is interested let me know and we will get some ordered for you.

*Bare Root Packs*                                                    *Container “Plug” Packs*

Wester Cover Pack                                                     Bird Pack
25 Ponderosa Pine                                                           50 Eastern Red Cedar
25 Colorado Blue Spruce                                               50 Seabuckthorn
50 Rocky Mountain Juniper                                        20 Bur Oak

Eastern Cover Pack                                                   Nut Pack
25 Scotch Pine                                                                   30 Scotch Pine
25 Black Hills Spruce                                                      30 Ohio Buckeye
50 Eastern Red Cedar                                                     20 Bur Oak

                                                                                                 Deer Pack
30 Black Hills Spruce
                                                                                                 50 Seabuckthorn
                                                                                                 20 Bur Oak