Once again, it is time to order trees for planting next spring. We are offering a variety of species and sizes! All tree orders are subject to availability and will be accepted on first come, first served basis. “Order Early for best selection!” All orders are due by February 1, 2014.

Trees come in the following bundles:
12” to 3’ trees bundles of 25 ; 3’ and taller trees bundles of 10; Potted Conifers are sold individually. If you would like to split bundles with neighbors and family please fill out only one order form.

Order forms are available in the USDA Service Center at 119 N. Jackson or online at http://www.sheridancountycd.com under the Tree Program tab. If there are any questions please email Laura at laura.angvick@mt.nacdnet.net or call 765-1801 Ext. 101
Payment is due before the order will be placed. Please make checks payable to:
Sheridan County Conservation District

Other items for sale include land ownership maps, agricultural books, flags and weed mesh.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice

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