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406-765-1801 ext 101 119 N. Jackson, Plentwood, MT 59254

The forms below are specific to the Sheridan County Conservation District Water Reservation. Not all forms are included on this page. If there is one you need, please talk to the board before obtaining that form.

To view the form, click on the name and it will open as a PDF.

Responsibilities of Water User

Application Checklist

Form 102-Application

Form 104-Annual Status Report

Form 106-Notice of Completion

Form 109-Notice of Transfer

For more information call the Sheridan County Conservation District at 406-765-1801 X 101

No person may commence construction on any project facilities or appropriate water prior to approval of the project by the district and receipt of a reserved water use authorization. This is to protect the potential irrigator from investing money in a system for which legal use of the water can not be approved and thus can not be used.

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