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Hiring for Field Technician Position

The Sheridan County Conservation District is accepting applications for a field technician.  The position is part-time, but has the potential to be full-time, dependent on funding and applicant’s preference.

The Field Technician preforms a broad variety of duties requiring flexibility, good time management, and independence. Individual will work largely on their own and must be a self-starter. Work schedule offers good flexibility.

The primary responsibility of the technician is the management of the CD’s water reservation. This task is broken down into two components: water monitoring and reservation management. The prior requires collection of water level data from the field, database management, and digital manipulation of data. Data collection is performed throughout the field season, typically April through December. The latter requires maintaining and filing records, assisting applicants, providing recommendations to oversight committee, and verifying project completion within the required timeline. Emphasis on data management occurs during the winter.

Position is part-time, with full-time potential, depending on the applicant’s preference and funding.

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